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  1. Maritime Outdoorsman Podcast
    In this episode of The Maritime Outdoorsman, host Dave Doggett talks with Mike Dean about the various boating, hunting, atv, snowmobile, and now paddle sport courses available. If you enjoy the great outdoors, and want to make sure you are properly educated and legally certified, this episode...
  2. Lakes & Ponds
    Has anyone been on, or fished Fox Point Lake? I am curious to find a decent lake that may be a good spot to buy property. Any feedback is welcome. Chase
  3. Motor Boats
    Hi all, I am hoping to get some feedback on two options for mounting swivel seats in my old faithful aluminum boat. My first idea was to use the clamp swivel mounts that you literally clamp right on the top of the existing benches in an aluminum boat, the second idea was screwing plywood or...
  4. Motor Boats
    Take our BOATING SAFETY SURVEY for a chance to win! Have you used a BOAT at least once within the past year to go HUNTING or FISHING? We are working on a university research project called "Boating Safety for Anglers & Hunters: A Survey of Practices & Perceptions". We're hoping to hear from a...
1-4 of 4 Results