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  1. Canoes/Kayaks
    As the title says I want to find a kayak. I am not new to the canoe/kayak scene but this will be the first time fishing out of one. To help me better pick here is a bit about me and my plans for this kayak. So I'm 210lbs, 6ft tall, average build and average fitness level. I have no preference...
  2. Motor Boats
    I've been thinking about boats lately and got to thinking about Inflatable boats, espescially the pontoon zodiac style, where you can put a little motor on it. Maybe something that can comfortable hold 2 to 4 people. My battery can inflate my boat, and run my troller. I like the idea of being...
  3. General Fishing Questions
    Boat, Kayak, Wading or Shore?How do you fish the majority of the season?From a boat.1536.59%Walking a Shoreline.717.07%From a Kayak.512.20%Wading.1434.15%Keeping the above question in mind, is it fly or spin? (i use the term spin for anything other than a flyrod)Boat/Spinning...
1-3 of 3 Results