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  1. Pictou Striper

    North Shore striper Pictou,13th September, 58CM, legal limit here 55-65CM
  2. Smallmouth Fishing
    Here's a little video of some bass fishing at Wilson Lake in Southwest NS. If you enjoy it, consider subscribing to my YouTube channel for more outdoor adventures.
  3. General Fishing Questions
    So I am confident about beating the Nova Scotia record for Smallmouth Bass this year. The problem is I dont have a IGFA scale. I realize I can mail a scale off to them to get certified but I was wondering if there is any local tackel shops or any place really would have one that would let me use...
  4. General Fishing Questions
    I have heard that pickerel have been eliminating a lot of fish like trout, bass, and perch in Dartmouth lakes, specifically in Lake Banook, Lake Mic Mac and Lake George. Can someone give me a bit more information on this? Is this a real problem?
  5. Gone Fishing
    Does anyone know of any good Small Mouth Bass fishing spots all around Nova Scotia? I am in the Pictou County area and I know of a couple spots, but I am looking to fish some new spots. I only catch and release Smallies, so don't worry about me plucking any fish from your sweet spots haha Thanks
  6. Smallmouth Fishing
    I have had some luck using a topwater popper. I was wondering if anyone has had any luck with a zara spook fished with a walking the dog technique.
  7. DerbyPic2016

    6th Annual Shubenacacadie First Nation Striped Bass Derby May 7, 2016 HWY 2 Stewiacke
  8. General Fishing Questions
    Hello. I moved to halifax a couple years ago and haven't done a whole lot of fishing in the area. I've been to penhorn lake over in Dartmouth aswell as albro lake and didn't find it all that great due to them being stocked lakes and everybody and there dog are out fishing them. I heard there...
  9. Bass

  10. First Bass of season 19 1/4"

    Was Trout fishing and got this sweetie. 19 1/4 inch Bass.
  11. Fishing in the News Springtime and the striped bass are jumpin' in the Gulf of St. Lawrence AARON BESWICK TRURO BUREAU Published April 8, 2015 - 9:38pm The federal Department of...
  12. Smallmouth Fishing
    So here is my question? What really is (or can be) the Smallmouth Bass Strike Zone? I know what a strike zone is, and I know it can vary, and how it varies depends? What I am asking is what is say the minimum size of the strike zone, what would be the maximum size, and its position relative to...
  13. Striped Bass Fishing
    Hi, My wife and I are new to fishing striped bass and are just learning how. Started too late last year but getting an early start this year! We need a little help ... for fishing striped bass in the shubenacadie and stewiacke rivers, any suggestions on what type of bait to use? Also any...
  14. Striped Bass Fishing
    On behalf of the Shubenacadie First Nation Band, I am very proud to announce that we will be hosting our 4th Annual Striped Bass Derby on May 3rd, 2014. This derby is designed to focus on a common enjoyable interest of all ages (striped bass fishing) and utilize it to effectively "build...
  15. Trout Fishing
    What is the easiest fresh water fish to catch
  16. General Fishing Questions
    Hey can anyone anyone can help me find some good places to fish in the Hubbards / Blandford (Bayswater) area? I am going up for a visit this Friday for the weekend and would like to find some lakes or rivers to fish from shore. Any suggestions or advice welcome, thanks When I use google maps...
  17. Smallmouth Fishing
    This year I picked up a transom canoe and started fishing middle river reservoir for smallies. I always hook up and usually get a half dozen or so over a few hours. All the smallies I catch in there seem to be around a pound, up to 2.5 pounds. The 2.5 pounders seem to be around a nest perhaps...
  18. Morris lake bass

    I helped this young lad land this nice one at Morris Lake...i was a bit jealous i will admit!
  19. Smallmouth Fishing
    I'm wondering if anyone knows of some good rivers for fishing smallmouth bass in Nova Scotia. I just moved back to Halifax after years in Western Canada. I've had a lot of fun on NB's Saint John River system (tributaries as opposed to the Saint John itself) and I'm wondering if there are any...
  20. Smallmouth Fishing
    Looking for some advice on decent smallmouth lakes near Dalhousie, NS or Forties Road area near New Ross. Looking to take some friends fishing in that area the coming weekend and want to show them a good time. Not necessarily concerned with lunkers but abundance of bass preferred. Hoping to find...
1-20 of 32 Results