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  1. Shad Fishing
    Started the Shad darts today , poured the first 250 plus trimmed out 50%, Sold 90% of my inventory last spring plus the ones I fish with from my personalized kit.Last fish in June 1 guy dropped a $100 bill and said pick out them for him. :D Not surprised he did the same thing 2 years ago,
  2. Shad Fishing
    Well I guess it was time to start the topic 2 months to the day I should be casting off the point in Middleton :D All the darts have two coats with a 3 day 140f bake. :blink: another year with a prediction for a wet spring. Could be s flood year :ph34r: for us who know how to wade out and fish...
  3. Shad Fishing
    Well Its 1 month 2 weeks till the time to fish Shad again this year. Worked on some 340 darts last night, first coat of white primer baking at 180degees now. Was reviewing all my photos from last May and June.GRRRRRRRRRRR . :) Made 25 specks( number 2 hook tiny lead) for myself and friends. They...
  4. Shad Fishing
    Looking at my selection on what to make this year, Cold and windy Feb afternoon looking at photos of the warn and sunny May afternoon and Shad in hand, followed by a live release.Glow hot hot pink dart.
1-4 of 4 Results