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Tossing Pickerel

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Posted 02 May 2011 - 09:00 AM

Here's my issue. Everyones opinion is entrenched and discussion will not change that or their opinion. Throwing a pickerel in the woods will not stop the spread or it's negetive effect on existing species. To think you are going to stop the spread of invasive species with a fishing rod is laughable. Does it make you think you are doing spmething positive good for you but you cannot suggest you break the law on this site to do it. If you want to sell your desire to control the spread of pickerel by throwing it on the bank and let the coons and bears clean it up go to NSDF to do it and good luck!
If I was a member who is tired of these positions I could just not open this thread but I cannot as moderator. I have to read this over and over and decide what stays and what goes so........ any discussion that sounds like a cracked record the thread will be locked!
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Posted 02 May 2011 - 09:40 AM

quote name='wanderer' date='02 May 2011 - 12:44 AM' timestamp='1304307859' post='16149']

Chuck, where did I advocate a bounty on pickeral? I didn't.

Yes, you did, in your ongoing comparison to coyotes. Interestingly enough, last night PBS had a great doc on how overfishing, damming rivers, and using hatcheries had destroyed the west coast US salmon runs and the rain forest habitat in general. There was a lot of good info, but one thing they showed was how a dam had created a kiiling field for salmon by a NATIVE fish, the 'pike minnow' [which to eyes looked more like a channel catfish, but no mind]. These fish eat so many hatchery fish headed for the sea that they placed a bounty on them. Several dollars a fish, with some fish bearing a tag that gets the angler $500. Some people fish there 5 months of the year and make a darn good living. Makes ya wonder where the yanks get all that money?!?

I was simply pointing out the inconsistency's within our wildlife management, when it comes to dealing with an invasive species.

No, you were not. You were making the old, 'sauce for the goose, sauce for the gander ' argument viz a viz coyotes and chain pickerel.

As far as you doubting the existence of snakeheads in the Eastern US, you can believe what you want I really don't care.

So now it's "the Eastern US", when all along you specified the state of Maine. Yes, places on the southern US seabord had problems, but as I proved, Maine did not and has not. Nice try at 'sleight of hand' moving the goal posts, but you got caught.

The information is readily available,

Yes, it is, but the thing is that that information supports me, while you seem unable to post any "readily available information" to support your contention that there are northern snakeheads in the state of Maine. Because there are none.

if you choose not to post links that do not support your argument that is your prerogative......

Now you go too d-mn far, pal!! If there were any posts that did not support my argument I would post them, even though that is your job --which you have not done because you cannot do it, because it is patently false and contrary to fact. So instead of admitting that you are repeating as fact that which is not true, you have the gall to attack my integrity!!!! :angry: To heck with you, mister.

It does not mean they do not exist, lets live in reality here my friend.

Haw!! Lies are not "reality", bud. Just the opposite.

Anybody can do a google search and see where they have been found, where there are known breeding colonies, and the conditions they can survive IE under ice.

If anybody could do that, specific to your claim that they do the northern snakehead does that in the state of Maine, then you would have done it. Yes, the Northern Snakehead from Northern China has evolved to live under winter ice. But you did not say "Northern China". You said the state of Maine. AND THEY ARE NOT THERE!!!

I guess its up to the indivdual to decide if a King Cobra could establish a breeding colony under similar conditions, here in NS.
Personally I have my doubts.

Another twist on my words. I do not need a 'breeding population', and never called for one, to be more alarmed about a single escaped cobra, compared to one introduced snakehead. You do not not care what sort of sleazy sophist trick you use to try and make it look like you've actually got an argument, do you? Be sure that you will be on my 'ignore' list from now on. I do not speak to people who resort to cheap tricks in order to make a false point.

So seeing as this snakehead talk is getting us away from the topic at hand,

Which is exactly what it has done from the moment you first introduced it. :P

are you interested in elaborating your theorys about the spread of Pickeral? I'd be really interested in that........ I mean just how far could a bird of prey carry a Pickeral in theory? All the way to Blacketts? Is there any evidence of this happening anywhere previously? I wonder what DNR's position on this is........

Not my theories--the theories of some wildlife biologists. My opinion on the matter is an open mind, unlike your own. I do not say that the pickerel in Blackette's lake were not put ther by some irresponsible Cape Bretoners--I say that it is also possible that one spring a flock or two of migrating geese and/or ducks spent one night in a pickerel lake in mainland N.S., and then took off North again, making a rest stop at Blackette's. Go ahead, tell me that that is impossible. Scientists would disagree with you. Moreover it is water birds, such as ducks, herons, and so on, that carry the sticky eggs adhering to their webbed feet. The only "bird of prey" scenario is an osprey dropping an adult pickeral taken from one lake and accidently dropping it in another. Although that is faintly possible, it would only apply over short distances. If I had to bet on something other than human beings or the pickerel themselves, I'd go with water birds.

And that is my last word to you, bud. Be happy in your own tiny world.

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