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#18778 Reputation?

Posted by pmorris on 26 May 2011 - 02:49 PM

You can add a +1 vote for posts you like using the green icon toward the bottom right of the post, much like the "like" feature on Facebook.

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#44302 Rediculous Amount Of Salmon Being Taken

Posted by Perry on 23 March 2013 - 05:48 PM

fishinfellas, You are new to the site and this is no way to contribute to the site. Looking for clairification can be done in a more civil manner.
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#60905 Estimated Salmon Numbers

Posted by mattd on 06 November 2013 - 01:11 PM

Every post I see on here from you always trying to stir up ****.  You really add no value because of your uneducated statements and "I am always right" attitude. 


Don't ever make negative statements about what you "assume" is happening in a pic.....especially one I posted.  Feel free to PM about it before you act like a keyboard coward.


Perhaps if you had someone to teach you, then you would think before you speak.  I thought not to long ago you were leaving the site...what happened?? got bored???






 You've got guys posting pictures of them teaching there kids to roll cast in areas where if they hook a salmon,

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#54234 Found Fishing Gear Today(South River)

Posted by Stradicman on 18 September 2013 - 10:35 AM

Thank's to this forum owner has been found!
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#49237 Free Fishing Weekend - Random Thoughts

Posted by pmorris on 31 May 2013 - 09:04 AM

It's free fishing weekend on June 1st and 2nd and the weather could be decent for a change (although watch for lightning). It's a great opportunity to introduce somebody to fishing or re-introduce somebody who may not have fished for awhile. It's funny, but I always think about introducing kids to fishing, but you can do that anytime if they're under 16 since no license is required. This weekend, why not invite a senior out fishing? Somebody who may have given up the pastime but might want to feel the tug one more - or a few more - times.

If I had thought of this earlier I might have tried to organize something with a seniors' home or Legion. A number of us have organized similar activities with childrens' and other groups over the years. Why not do it for some seniors?

Enjoy the wekend,
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#48828 Spinners For Trout Video

Posted by Edward on 25 May 2013 - 09:06 AM

Life jackets save lives.
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#45068 River Philip, The Unfair Fishery

Posted by Terran on 31 March 2013 - 06:23 PM

Just curious, but would the non-fly fishers accept a list of gear restrictions that might improve the chances of successful release of salmon?

If you could fish lures with only single barbless hook (no trebles)? Bait fish with barbless circle hook only? No bait whatsoever? Catch and release only on these rivers?

Would this be of interest?

I guess what I'm getting at is this; exactly what are you looking for? This is about protecting the resource and hopefully nurturing what's left of the wild Atlantic Salmon in Nova Scotia.

I haven't fished these rivers in a number of years, but it sounds as if whatever is being done to improve and protect the resource is working.

I fly fish, but I also spin fish. So I guess that makes me the bastard in all of this? Yes, I enjoy fly fishing...no, that doesn't make me some stuck up snob...and I certainly don't have deeper pockets or a fatter wallet. Nor do a lot of my friends who enjoy fly fishing.

Yeah, there are a few pompous a$$holes who think fly fishing makes them special, but you'll find that in anything. Most of the anglers I meet fly fishing are just normal folks. Even the Doctors and lawyers I've met didn't put on aires. So what is it with this perception of fly fishing and fly fishermen being anything but anglers out enjoying the sport by their preferred method?

I'm the same guy when I'm out spin fishing as I am when I'm out fly fishing. Try talking to me and we'll probably get on great. Approach me as if I'm unwanted or some stuck up prick and we're probably not going to get on too well.

Instead of the "us against them" attitude. Maybe try figuring out a way to work this out that meets everyones interests.

Or hell, just take up fly fishing. You'd probably enjoy it.

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#3196 My Arctic Adventure

Posted by Perry on 13 July 2010 - 01:31 PM

My Artic adventure started in Toronto this spring when I attended the upgrading of the Canadian Standards for freshwater guides. I met Steve Ashton who ran the Artic Adventures Camps for the Inuit Co-op in the North and we discussed who had the highest tides in the world. He maintained that the tides in Ungava Bay were higher than the Bay of Fundy. We talked in general about the fishing and the opportunity to fly fish Artic Char on the fly and I have to say I was impressed at Steve’s description and after the meeting returned home. Shortly after I received a call from Steve and the wheels were put in motion for me to go up to Nunavik to flyfish for the Artic Char.

I flew up to Montreal and over nighted in a Hotel for a morning flight to Kuujjuaq. When is the last time you were served a meal in economy and had a hot towel served before it was served? Never right? Well an excellent meal was served with wine complimentary! After arriving we changed planes and flew a twin Otter to a landing strip on the barrens just south of Kangirsuk.

Posted Image
First impressions! Awesome! We were a couple hundred miles above the tree line so the landscape was devoid of trees, you could stand in one place and see for miles with a clarity that was incredible. A mile away the Camp was a spot of green colour on a bay of the River. I felt a sense of being a very small speck of life in the scope of what I was observing.
Posted Image
Once arriving at the camp we had lunch and Carol gave us a talk on how the trip would be organized and because of the tides all fishing depended on the tides. You would go out on a high tide and return on a high tide so fishing would be twelve hour sessions. If you wanted to return before that the camp would send an Argo out over the rock strewn flat in front of the camp. It was over a mile from the camp to open water on low tide. Then we were told that the next opportunity to fish was 2 am so get some rest as the window of opportunity was very short as the tide cycle was at its lowest! I went to my cabin and off to bed for a short sleep. An old warrior said sleep before battle is impossible and I guess it is the same about fishing new to me water. A groggy angler went to the main camp for breakfast at 2 am!
Posted ImagePosted Image
The anglers were a diverse group, and from the beginning you could tell it would be a great trip with great guys to fish and break bread with. A few drinks as well! I have never laughed at so many good jokes told by so many good tellers!

The fishing! Incredible! So many fish so little time! The Artic Char is a member of the same family as our Brook Trout and they fought like a sea run Brookie the only difference was they averaged 5 lbs and the largest on this trip 14 lbs. Some did jump but rarely but the best fighters were in the 5-6 lb class. Fast and very strong! I averaged I suspect 40 char a tide but who was counting?
Posted ImagePosted Image
Shore lunches I have believed were always in beautiful places and this place certainly provided a breathtaking place to take a break and have lunch. We had char every day and I never got tired of char on my plate, fresh from the river. The Inuit guides would fillet them and cook them on a Coleman stove, remember no wood! The guides would take a fillet and eat the char raw, the oldest Sushi bar. I found I liked the raw char, fresh from the water.
Posted Image
The guides. The guides in any outfitting business are the front line soldiers, they are the ones who are in your company during the angling part of your adventure, which is and should be the biggest percentage of your time spent. All the camps fishing and hunting are owned by the Inuit Co-op and the guides are employed by them and they are all Inuit. They are excellent guides. They share everything with humour and an easy way of making you welcome to their world and your time spent with them in the boat is filled with teasing and banter from both sides. Eric Kudlik the guide I had didn’t have any flyfishing experience but with some instruction was able to land a few fish on the fly and was doing well. The emphasis for the guides there is to make you feel welcome, safe, and enjoy your time with them. That they do well and it is a wonderful to experience their world thru their eyes. They shared Beluga whale blubber (Muktu) and the dried meat of the whale. They also dried char in strips and it was very good as well. They were connected to the land and followed traditions from the past.
Eric would make a low whistle like a Peregrine Falcon and then point trying to make me look! He was very good at it! There were Peregrine Falcons on the cliffs so it wasn’t hard to make me look!Posted ImagePosted Image

Walking on the land I got a sense of empty landscape. I say that not in a negative way but a beauty that was alien to me and took some adjusting mentally to see the details. Small wildflowers hugging the land, little brooks that rushed thru the rocks coming from snow banks thru alpine meadows. Little birds flitting thru the low scrubs and Artic hare bouncing like kangaroos. The hares were the size of a large racoon but faster! I looked for caribou but none were seen. We saw some when we flew in and a couple of Musk ox was spotted as well from the air but none on my walks.

It started with a few caribou tricking down the hills and gained in numbers until hundreds were moving thru. I couldn’t believe how fast they moved and how many there was but I saw a small part of the migration and to see so much life in this expanse was impressive. Not to sound maudlin but it was moving.Posted Image

I wanted to share with you a small part of my experience in the North and apologize for the length of this post as we do not have an on-line magazine on the new site. My trip exceeded my expectations and they were high at the beginning!!

The highest tides in the World can only be realized by accurate measurement but for me the debate is moot as both the Bay of Fundy and Ungavia Bay have tremendous tides and both are impressive in both water volume and landscape. Let the tourism fight begin! lol
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#730 Bay of Fundy Fishing

Posted by The Salmon Slinger on 05 June 2010 - 10:14 PM

OMG who cares its tidal water, its not like its a secret pool in the middle of the woods. And yes the bass just cruise along the coast riding the tide in and out. Bass River/Saints R , Parsborro Shore, and basicly any point and inlet between. lol and if you dont like me telling "secret spot" theres a negative icon on the right of this post give it a click <_<
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#19964 Yakfishing With My Girl

Posted by NSYakfisher on 08 June 2011 - 09:39 AM

Finally got out for a yakfish with my ten year old little girl... we both had a blast and she is already asking when we can go again.

Posted Image

Posted Image

Posted Image

Posted Image

Posted Image

Posted Image

What better way to spend an evening on the water.
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#118689 Limited Areas To Fish For Salmon

Posted by StripperGuide on 25 July 2014 - 07:39 PM

Cant poach it if its not here.....open pen aquaculture killed our salmon stocks . I will go as far as saying it is probably the reason for the cod collapse as well. Everything was gone in the early 90's....open pens were put in in the mid 80's . Our North Shore salmon get slaughtered by natives with nets,spears and their

traditional jigging , then their are the ones in Greenland netting  and then you have   the  ones who tag their grilse, and the poaching from whitey in the spring and fall . The only difference with the ones on the North shore is there is no open penn sites there . But the salmon are still surviving with all the odds stacked against them . NfLD has so many poachers it will blow your mind . That's why they catch them cause there is so much of it going on . Sad really . Oh yeah on the West coast of NfLDthere is Conn River . It is in dire  straights and there is no season for salmon there.....but it is the only river on that side that has a open net fin fish farm......weird eh?

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#114737 Great Loss To The Ns Fishing And Hunting Community

Posted by Perry on 30 June 2014 - 03:34 PM

When I heard the news I was deeply saddened. Richard was a regular contributer to the site a few years ago and his photos and videos were well done and showed the activities of a man born to be an outdoorsman. Once you got to know him he was more than that, a good friend, family man and generous with his knowledge. He was a angler who could catch a fish in a sponge and it would be a good one. I searched my notes for a prayer that  felt would be approiate and would like to share.



I pray that I may live to fish...

Until my dying day.

And when it comes to

my last cast,

I then most humbly pray:

When in the Lord's

great landing net

And peacefully asleep

That in His mercy I be judged

Big enough to keep.


No question in my mind!! Peace

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